Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unfamiliar familiarity

I sat there, next to the fire, watching it dance and prance, little orange flames flicking and licking the wood, the occasional blue or green one from some unknown chemical (even though I ordered it from a so-called ‘green’ supplier… tsk.) It was entrancing, as always, and I felt even more detached than I had been before I started watching it. The room was full of people. Familiar, lovely, people, in my house, but somehow, tonight, it all seemed unfamiliar, like I was somewhere else.

I felt like a smooth, round pebble, just in from the shore. Waves of noise washed over me, some not even budging me from my little burrow in the fine, wet sand, others jolting me about, rushing me forward, dropping me, allowing me to burrow again into the sand. There was a beach at the Seaside Town I spent all my childhood holidays and many happy varsity weekends on - a place where often one could walk for miles along the flat sand, dunes to the left, ocean to the right, and see nobody but a couple of birds and some friendly welks. I was there.


Angela said...

Do you mind if I always comment, Shiny? I pick up your moods so easily, you MUST be my niece!
I love that picture of you being a pebble at the sea shore. Next time I walk along our shore I will take you with me, in my pocket. You will hear the cries of the seagulls and the tourists, smiling (can you hear that?) and sometimes I will hold you up in the air so you can also feel the warm breeze!
Wait, I`ll send you some photos!

Shiny said...

Geli - I LOVE that you always comment, and I also loved your pics, thank you. Especially the one of the bird standing on one foot! x