Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A brilliant idea

I came up with a brilliant idea the other day. Truly brilliant.

Why can't we all live in a state of semi-drunkenness? I don't mean fall-down-drunk-I-don't-remember-who-I-am-but-I-know-I-look-good-dancing-around-this-pole-drunk. Just a mild sort of tipsy. You know the one... just a one drink, take the edge off, no worry kind of state.

I thought it could be done very respectfully - a tot of whiskey in your morning coffee, a little G & T with lunch in the office with your packed sandwiches, a sundowner after work, a glass of wine with dinner. Everybody would be so much more pleasant. The scary bits would disappear into a haze over there, in the corner.

Oh dear, writing it down, it doesn't sound that good. It really doesn't sound that delicious, for one, all those alcohols making some kind of giant Long Island Iced Tea in your tummy every day? Hmm, bugger. Perhaps stick to one kind of alcohol the whole day? Monday's could be vodka, Tuesday's gin, etc. No, ugh, G&T with corn flakes for breakfast? Yuk.

Damn, the brilliance is fading, into the kind of haze I was talking about. Maybe there is something to say to having the perfect-non-alcohol-softened edges to things, the sharpness, the non-blurriness. The sharpness may cut, but at least it's clear, and you can be perfectly aware of the fact that it hurts.

You will excuse me now though, won't you? It appears to be sundowner time.


fushandchips said...

One word "Valium". Softens the edges but keeps you crisp. Although a Bloody Mary with breakfast does sound marvelous idea.

Gail said...

While it might not be the wisest idea, I think its the best i have heard in ages! :) I always try to mark research papers a little pickled!

Angela said...

After half a glass of wine I drop on the ground and fall asleep. So that would not be a good advice for me. Peppermint tea and liquorice for me!

Shiny said...

Fush - at this point I'm heading for the Bloody Mary.

Gail - only way to mark!

Geli - mmm, peppermint tea sounds tempting too