Monday, June 7, 2010

The beginning

I am punctual.

Let me start right at the beginning, to explain. The beginning of me. Well, not right at the beginning, of course, nobody likes to think of their parents having done the deed to create them, do they? I know mine, for certain, only did 'that' twice. One time for my sister, one time for me. Of course.

Anyway, back to the point. As the story goes (I can't absolutely verify it, even though I was there), I was due on the second of February. That morning my mother went into labour and trundled off to the local hospital in that dusty Free State town and read her historical novel until I showed up, just after the ward staff delivered lunch. 1pm on my due date.

My father ate her lunch while she had me, it being before the hands-on-daddy days.

See? I told you I was punctual.


Miranda said...

Glad you popped into the world. Late even would have been fine! Imagine a world without Shiny - no fun at all!

Angela said...

I used to try to please my parents, too, which is a nice trait in children. For the others. But I gave that up in order to find out who I was, personally. It took me years, though.
Still, I like people who appear punctually.

Shiny said...

Miranda - aw shucks, thanks!

Geli - as usual, wise (and true) words...