Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bearing the brunt of the grunt

I’ve mentioned him before, the man I work with, who is prone to a bit of grumpiness. He also likes food, a common interest of ours, and one which keeps us amused and in conversation a lot. We often discuss what we had/will have for dinner, and the like. We have worked together for many, many moons and, in general, get on quite well. As I’ve said, though, he tends toward grumpy, and keeps grudges. It’s familial. His mother lived next door to her sister in the old age home for something like twenty years and never spoke to her, due to some long-standing grudge. Unbelievable really.

Anyway, the reason this all comes up is because I seem to have done something to make him cross. Or I think I have. Due to his grudging-abilities, it is hard to know for sure. He has stopped speaking to me, though, which is what is giving it away. Any attempt at conversation has resulted in a grunt. There’s a stony silence from his corner, unless he is on the phone. To somebody else.

I’m thinking I might have to instigate a conversation. I forecast that it’ll go something like this:

Shiny: Grumpy colleague?

GC: Grunt.

Shiny: What’s your wife making for dinner?

GC: Grunt.

Shiny: That sounds delicious. And for pudding?

GC: Grunt.

Shiny: Yummy. That’s one of my favourites. You didn't know that, did you?

GC: Grunt.

Shiny: Now you do.

You can sense the enthuasism, can’t you?


Angela said...

Maybe you should call him on the phone, as he seems to be able to talk there?
Or, better suggestion, put a banana on his desk, or whatever he likes. Cream fudge? Lemon meringue pie? If he likes food, maybe that will soften his heart.
Other than that? Tickling? Please tell us how it ended (in 20 years)!

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Oh that is so pathetic - really _ I hate it when that happens . I had it once and never knew what I had done. GRUNT is RUDE

Shiny said...

Angela - good idea! I'll callim on the phone on Monday.

Spiny - exactly. Just bloody rude