Thursday, June 24, 2010

So proud

G and I went to one of The City Beneath the Mountain’s big tourist spots last night. It’s a shopping mall, but redeems itself by being strategically placed in the harbour, with wheeling sea gulls above, our beautiful sea beside, and our ever-present mountain, over there.

It’s a place I go to relatively often, mainly to do some shopping (of the boring shampoo and calcium pills variety) and to have a little dinner in a pretty spot by the sea. This time I was there to upgrade my phone, a task that, while I realise some people get all excited about, I don’t. A pimply youth getting excitable about the wonders of Phone A (“It can take pictures from two kilometres away!”) versus Phone B (“With a press of a button you can send your whereabouts to your three hundred closest friends!”) holds no attraction to me whatsoever. That’s another post though.

I expected it to be a bit fuller, what with us playing host to a couple thousands of foreign visitors for the World Cup. I misjudged the size of this thing. It was crammed full of tourists. Fabulously so. All dressed up in country colours, swarthed (is that the right word?) in their flags, vuvuzelas parping left, right, and centre. We chose to have dinner at one of my favourite spots – an ‘English-type’ pub, where we sat outside, next to a table of Poms. Note, this was post the England/Slovenia match.

They were all dressed in English soccer kits, faces painted, flags aflutter (one woman even had one of those alice bands with two tiny flags flapping about above her head.) They kept bursting into song and hugging. Then two Americans ambled in, one in a fabulous HUGE American-Indian headdress. They were met with cries of joy, and more hugging. It was great.

Then there was the large Argentinian man, with a group of lovely other Argentinian people. He was dressed in a (large) green and yellow top with “Boks” written across the front. Bless.

But my best? In the parking garage, I saw three good-looking Portoguese boys, with their Portugal tops on, ambling into the entrance, past one of the cleaning staff men who was wheeling a bin somewhere. He looked at them, smiled hugely, and said enthusiastically: “Obrigado!”, in his beautiful Xhosa accent.

The world is not wrong if they think us South Africans are hospitable, are they?


Mud in the City said...

That's so lovely. Even to someone who hates football!

Miranda said...

You made me all teary!

Angela said...

I love this! Yes, everybody says it is lovely how hospitable the South Africans are! A great success for your country and its people! And even Bafana Bafana have done a great job - beating the French, former world champion!!
There is always a bit of luck to winning or losing, but playing well, and giving everyone a good time, that is more than anything!

allie said...

It makes me all warm and fuzzy when I hear stories like this - stories of all sorts of people revelling in their humanity; just happy and excited to be here and part of this "thing" thats happening.

That its happening here makes it so much more wonderful.

Specially when we remember that the WC has been notorious for bad behaviour in other countries.

Lovely decription, by the way :-)

I'm so not a blogger said...

aah moment, indeed:-)

Simply-Mel said...

I love this story....I would like to share it via facebook where i have a few, um, shall we call them naysayers? Let me know if its okay. I wont share it if you dont respond here.

Shiny said...

Mud - isn't it just?

Miranda - me too!

Geli - you must be SO pleased with Germany's performance yesterday.

Allie - warm and fuzzy for sure.

ISNAB - it was.

Simply-Mel - sure, go ahead.