Monday, October 19, 2009

Knots snap

I have been slack at writing. Things are happening in my life. Good things. They're taking up my head space and making me grin while I swirl and whirl. Sometimes I stop and get scared and think I should run back into the cover, behind my barriers.

I spent the weekend in a cottage in a valley outside The City Beneath the Mountain, which was surrounded by mountains (I guess the valley bit gives that away), coloured in above with the bluest of blue, children's-drawing-clouds scudding by, and below, emerald green interspersed with purple fields of lavender. Idyllic. In the silence of the valley I hear the sound of another one of the millions of tiny knots that make up my barriers snap and fly off into the fresh air breeze, and I know this is a good thing and I must not run.

No, sirree, I must not run.


family affairs said...

That all sounds lovely - need more details Lx

allie said...

Idyllic natural surroundings have a way of snapping our knots.
Or dissolving them gently.

Glad you're not running

Rambler said...

unless you're running to Jozi - then it's fine!


Shiny said...

Family Affairs - trying hard to get myself to write about it. Because it really is lovely. Those knots of mine are many, and tight though... Watch this space though, it's worth sharing

Allie - me too

Rambler - not to Jozi, no