Thursday, October 22, 2009


It came from nowhere. The wind was blowing so hard that the tree outside my window, all fifty-plus years of it's five-storey height looked like it may blow away like one little stalk of a dandylion. I'm convinced the Weatherman fucks with me, and changes the weather, according to my head space. That seems a bit presumptious but, perhaps, it's just my little world's weather. I wouldn't want to mess with anybody else's.

In the midst of a swirling, whirling, tweeting bird, sparkling star-filled time with so much promise of fabulous new things and amazing people (person), it appeared, just like that. The skulking shadow came out into the light. I see it and feel like every single piece of me is made of salt water. Like I could easily just turn into a pool of tears, gushing along the gutter, into the rain drain, and down to the sea.

Perhaps, finally, it is time?


Angela said...

No tears, no tears! Just a gurgling and whooshing and blowing and jumping excitement. And that is quite okay. Believe in a good outcome! It will happen if you want it to.

tam said...

Perhaps it is.
Tears can be good detergent, don't be fraid of them.

That bladdy wind, though.

Shiny said...

Angela - yes, I'm concentrating on the happiness. It's hard not to, really.

Tam - exactly. The bladdy wind. Drives everybody slightly batty