Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SMS's and a letter

I love getting text messages. I guess everybody does. It's our innate desire to know that somebody is thinking of us. Or mine, at least. Let me not put my over-zealous need for attention onto the entire world. I don't however, wish to know that the bank, or clothing store, or place-that-is-supposedly-giving-cellphones-away-for-free are thinking of me (and the other 45 629 people on their contact list). Just as an aside.

The reason I'm bringing SMS's up, though, is because I have had a series of strange ones in the past 24 hours. Well, okay, just two strange ones, in amongst the normal run-of-the-mill kind. The first was at about 10pm last night - from my ex-therapist. I did a stint of therapy a while ago to try and instill some calm to my mind. I have a lot to say about therapy, my mind changes constantly on whether I'm a true believer in it, or not (perhaps I need therapy for my therapy-issues...)

I liked my therapist, a lot. We became good friends and I could have happily met her for a drink after work to chat, but realised that I was paying a ridiculous amount of money to sit in her lounge and have said chat and that, by the time we came to the end, I would be far wiser to be spending that money on a glass of wine with friends (well, actually, at that price, a really REALLY good bottle of wine, and some dinner. Three course dinner at that) and having the same chat. So I broke up with her. I felt bad. It was the day before Valentine's Day.

The Pond says I get too involved with my therapists (this was my second attempt, the first one kept crying... WTF? It took me a year to break up with her - I didn't want to make her cry. Again.) I can't help it that I'm chatty. Why shouldn't I discuss her boyfriend, her families issues with her boyfriends non-marrying-type issues and... sigh, maybe she's right.

Anyway, back to the point - I got an SMS from her, late last night. It said: Hi there. I have been thinking about you and hoping all is well. Love Maude*. I thought that was sweet, if a bit strange. I am busy formulating a reply in which I shall ask all the pertinent questions about what's happening in her life, with the boyfriend and such. It's just what I do.

The really wierd one came through this morning though. It said: I have my old number back :) Please in future contact me on 079****. Regards Hera*. I don't know anyone called Hera. I riffled through the files stored in the back of my head, you know the ones where you store names, faces, people you meet... Nada, no Hera. Is she some long-lost friend? Somebody I knew at nursery school? Somebody's wife? She must be somebody who's old number I should've had, and who's new number I should use. But for what? Oh dear.

I formulated this reply:

My dearest Hera,

How lovely (and unexpected) to get your message this morning - it's always nice to hear from you, even if it's just a change of contact details. How are things with you? Still working at the same place? Where was it again? (You know me, and my terrible memory!)

I am good, still living here, where you last saw me. When was it we last saw each other? It feels like years, but time flies by so fast, it could've been last week for all I know. Where were we again? And who else was there? (Tsk, this memory of mine).

I hope you are well, how's everybody else doing? Do let me know. And remember to include names, ages, and where I know them from too, please, what with my memory and all.

Much love,
Shiny x

P.S. Should we meet up again soon? It's been too long. I think.

*Name changed to protect her identity. Who calls their child Maude anyway?


Angela said...

That was funny, but hey, you have me totally confused now. Didn`t you say your therapist`s name was Maude? Or what? I think too that it`s funny your old therapist (whatever her name) SMS`s you at ten p.m. Do you think she was drunk and lonely? Or did she miss all the money she got from you?
My cousin in Argentina (where EVERYBODY runs to therapists for years) also broke off with his, after I told him that my friend, the therapist (just friend)told me that normally ten sessions should be enough. And he is quite cheerful and rich now. As to the second Maude, I chuckled at your reply! I hope you sent it!
If you ever want to be mailed to (not SMS, I cannot do that), tell me! I am a very wordy person and will answer you! Thanks also for your comment on mine!

Rambler said...

You know, I've had the same thing for about two years now... Debs keeps smsing me... and I think she still thinks it's the previous owner's number, even though I've never responded in two years. Think it's about time I cut and pasted your letter?

Shiny said...

Oh dear, I confused everybody - have edited post. Second one was not from my therapist - completely unknown person... The letter must've made little sense! x

Miranda said...

I like receiving sms too. And whats your opinion on postcards - more fun to send or receive them?

GREAT to see you the other day. xxx

Shiny said...

Ooo, Miranda - send AND receive. I love real mail even more than I love SMSes. Speaking of which, I must send some real mail. I really must! One more sleep until you have your husband there - yippeee! Hope your knee's healing and all is good xx

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