Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bugs and studs

My throat is sore. Like in really sore. I always forget how unpleasant a sore throat is. My colleague gave me my sore throat, as a very kind gift. I know it was him. He came to work yesterday snuffling and whinging like the best man-I'm-dying-of-a-head-cold specimen and, no matter how much I tried to get him and his bug-infested droplets to leave, he wouldn't. And now look.

My main wondering today though, is why sore throats are so much sorer in the dark? Lying in bed last night, snuggling with my man Insomnia, who seems to have brought his luggage this time (I'm hoping he's only planning a short visit), it was really, really sore, as opposed to really sore when I got up this morning.

Are the sore-making bugs nocturnal? The minute you turn off the bedside lamp, there they are, wearing their little soccer studs, dancing away in the back of your throat, drinking and partying. Why they must wear there soccer studs to a party, I don't know. What I do know, though, is that they don't handle their alcohol well - as the night progresses, they drag their little dancing feet more and tend to spill their drinks on said throat too. And it must be tequila, because it stings. Little bastards.

I wonder if it'd help if I kept my light on?


allie said...

I'm not sure anyone else on the planet could turn being awake at night with a really really sore throat into a vivid entertaining fantasy -

Feel better soon, ok?
And make sure splutter-man knows it is his fault you have thoughtless booted tap dancers in your throat.
Maybe he'll stay home next time.

tam said...

Do you have a good homeopath? I have been sick for ten days and it started with a throat like the one you describe. Why do people insist on being heroic when they have the flu? All they do is infect. Humph. Take lots of viral choice. Now.

rae said...

May your sore throat begone quick sticks and for the middle of the night try podcasts to keep your mind off the razor blades, also helps as an insomnia deterrent.
I've had to deal with a whole week of sick husband, not fun. Kept on being completely paranoid that I was getting sick till I was actually overdosing myself on viral choice, much to my horror when I realised I might have exceeded the recommended dose! (in fact, you might have noticed a missed call from me wanting to check if I needed to call the poison hotline, you being my personal pharmastar 'n all)


allie said...

Concerned voice from cyberspace:

Are you ok?
We miss you
Please come back

allie said...

Glad you're ok.
Thanks for letting me know. . .