Thursday, June 25, 2009

Insomnia, the BFF visits, and I have a thought

It's that time of month when my boyfriend, Insomnia, creeps into my room, usually in the early hours of the morning, blows on my eyelashes to wake me, then climbs in with me and cuddles up to my back. He's sneaky in the way in which he strokes the back of my neck, lulling me into almost sleep, but then, as I nod off, he prods me, hard, jolting me back to wakefulness. And thought. I have to admit, I'm not minding too much at the moment, I'm thinking alot, and it's okay. For now.

The BFF came over for dinner last night. He has been scarce because he's got back together with his ex-girlfriend and boys are just crap at being able to sustain their friendships when they get into a relationship. I tried to explain the concept that, in fact, keeping up your other friendships when having a relationship with someone actually usually helps to sustain the relationship and keep it healthy. Channelling all your energy into one person is a sure-fire way of exhausting things before their time! I think he may even have got it.

Beside all that (deep?) stuff, it was just nice to hang out with him and talk shit and catch up. I've missed him. He is my BFF and all!

Back to my thinking. My mind often amazes even me. After 34 years, you'd think I'd have got used to it, but, nope... willy-nilly, it'll bring up a thought that surprises me! Honestly, usually it surprises me with it's inaneness and this was a good example. Maybe not inaneness, more, well, I'm not sure of the word. You'd think I'd worry about world hunger or, closer to home, my garage door that isn't working. But, no sirreee, not me!

Basically I got to thinking about what happens to all the deleted letters on computers. You know - when you type something wrong and click on the backspace... Where does the extra "K" go? And now I'm going to sound wierd, I know, but this is my space so I'm allowed to be wierd if I want to. Sometimes I try to just move the letter somewhere else, so it doesn't get relegated to wherever it is lost letters go.

Then I thought that perhaps it's a cool place - like a land of letters. Some amazing island off an unknown coast where they all hang out and move around, creating beautiful words, and then making sentences and wonderful stories, only to break up again and move in other directions and new stories like an ever-changing story wave. I liked that idea so I moved my thoughts elsewhere at that point. I also now feel less bad about my backspace and delete buttons. Phew.

I wonder if I should worry? Or, at least, try and worry about more important things.


Miranda said...

A very good point. Maybe they turn into those fridge magnets?

Shiny said...

Oh, I like that idea! A lot xx