Monday, June 29, 2009

Wizards and wildness

I am wild. I kissed a wizard on Saturday. Okay, so he may not really be a wizard, more of a magician. I did ask him if he knew Harry Potter (admit it, the teen wizard is hot, it’d be cool to know him, especially now he’s not so teen anymore and likes taking his clothes off on stage). He looked at me strangely and vehemently denied knowing any real wizards. I’m certain that’s part of his cover though. As a wizard, I wouldn’t think you’d go about willy-nilly telling girls you’ve just met in dark clubs that you’re a real wizard – have you seen some of those baddies that go after Harry?

But let me start at the beginning – it was The Pond’s birthday on Saturday so we had a braai/party thing on Saturday afternoon which stretched into the evening. It was great – lots of lovely people, champagne, happiness. At about eleven the last stragglers left and I went to bed, very sedate and unwild. But then my phone rang – one of my favourite people in the world, SJ, saying come to Dark Dingy Club (DDC). I waivered. Then I, from The Big Smoke phoned, and I told him my dilemma. He urged me to go. I now realise he is a bad influence.

So I (wildly) got back out of bed and went to DDC. It was fun. And wild. I will stick to just the wizard bit of the wild though. How did I know the boy there was a wizard, I hear you asking… Was he wearing a cloak with stars on? Nope. Did I watch him fly in on his broomstick? Nope. Did he have a wand tucked into his jean’s pocket? Nope. (And get your minds out of the gutter – you especially Clive, I can hear you sniggering.) I’ll tell you what it was…

He kept making a five rand coin appear from behind my ear. I kid you not. It was hysterical. My sister’s comment when I told her was: “Did you keep the R5 coins?” No, I didn’t. I’m wild, not a prostitute! It really was funny, and he kept us all amused for ages. Who would’ve thought that magic tricks (and, admittedly, some tequila - that stuff is the devil's juice) could keep a bunch of thirty-somethings entranced for, well, let’s just say a while.

The other reason I know he is really a wizard – he wiped my mind clear at the end of the evening so I don’t remember his name. I escaped (wildly) at about 3am to go to bed (properly this time) and woke up not remembering his name. This, of course, had nothing to do with the devil's juice and the fact that it was very loud in the DDC, and hard to hear. I did, however, need to rest on Sunday. A lot. I can only be wild in very short bursts these days. Age. Sigh.

And I swear I saw him leave just after I did, burst out of his jeans and t-shirt, revealing a red one-suit with cloak, put his arm in the air, and fly off into the night sky to save the world. Oh dear, am I confusing my super-heroes and magical wizards?

And... one more thing... Which part of Knight-in-Shining-Armour is the universe not getting? I'm not really looking for a wizard (or magician for that matter).


Geon said...

Mmm...I think I landed somewhere in Indonesia. I'm never flying off under the influence again... only found my way back yesterday...

Shiny said...

Well, thank god you did! I'd imagine that, for future reference, The Devil's Juice is probably not good for your magic powers! Oh, wait, that's me...

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