Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beautiful day

It is the most beautiful day here today. One of those days where working should be illegal. Like Summer has snuck in through the kitchen door while Winter was thrashing about having a tantrum in it's bedroom last week, gently closing it's bedroom door and taking over the house. It's glorious, and it is impossible not to grin because of it. Like The Cheshire Cat.

I am going to see the sea after Real Work, to bask in the sunshine and watch the sun set. This makes me grin even more. And then to one of my favourite restaurants for dinner. Things are good. Oh, and did I tell you - my sister is having twins? Yeeha.

Is it obvious I had a great night's sleep last night?


Anonymous said...

It is here too! 31 degrees and London is melting. Phew!

Shiny said...

Wowee... that's blistering for Londres! Everybody must be in the parks stripping off and going pink-to-red! x

allie said...

Exciting about the twins!

The sparkly weather has been great - but we are going to pay for it in spades by the sound of the hurricane outside my still-black early morning window.
Batten down the hatches!

Glad to hear the night visitors are giving you a break . .

Shiny said...

Allie... yes, I see the storm approaching too! xx