Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Good and the Bad: Another letter

So if tomorrow is Good Friday, does that make all the other Fridays bad? I think that's a little unfair really. Fridays are generally such nice creatures, especially for the likes of me, who don't go to Real Work on them, and instead do Other Work (read: eat waffles) in our lovely orange kitchens.

And, forgive me if I'm wrong, it's a long time since I went to Sunday School, but it doesn't make sense. So, as I'm apt to do, I've written an e-mail to The Pope. He was the only guy I could think of, even though I'm still angry at him about his ridiculous non-condom statement.

Dear The Pope,

I was just thinking, while munching on a rather delicious, lightly-toasted Hot Cross Bun with loads of melting butter (I highly recommend the ones from the bakery down the road from my house), that perhaps it's time you guys reconsidered the name of Good Friday. Forgive me if I'm wrong (I have to admit that I haven't been to church for a while), but wasn't Good Friday actually a really awful and sad day for Christianity?

Don't you think it's time you renamed it? It could be something simple, like Bad Friday, but I'll leave that decision up to you and your cronies. Far be it for little old me to decide.

Let me know. I know it would probably make all the other Fridays feel a bit better too. One might assume that they all feel a little minimised by that specific one being Good.

Wishing you a lovely Easter Weekend. I hope the Easter Bunny is kind.


P.S. I could send you some of the Hot Cross Buns if you're struggling to find good ones in The Vatican.

I wonder if he'll even read it, considering I'm not Catholic?


Rambler said...

ah... you're my new favourite letter writer - even better than Ben Trovato...

send it!

Frank J said...


I'm with Rambler on this one...

Pope Benedict the German ned to apply his mind to this as a matter of urgency!


allie said...

I too have a weakness for hot cross buns drpping with butter -
And love your letter to "Dear The Pope. . ."

I agree that this Friday looks bad - but trust me, it would have been very bad if it hadn't happened!

The story is full of mystery and well worth investigation

Livvy U. said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and sorry it took me so long to post your comment - I'm in such a strange place these days, forgive me! Your letter to the Pope made me laugh, which was lovely, and a blessing, whatever HE makes of it...
Livvy x

Simply-Mel said...

Am with Allie on this one! But loved your take...if the Pope doesnt respond will you send me the hot crosses?

Angela said...

Mr.Pope won`t know what you are talking about, as in German it is not called Good Friday at all, but Karfreitag, whatever that means.