Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chaos and silent LLL's

Oh-me-oh-my. I have a problem. Really, I do. I'm not being overly-dramatic, I swear. I know I'm prone to that, but this time I'm not crying wolf, no sirree. Let me back up a little, not get ahead of myself in my panic.

So, I've been quieter than normal on this blog, purely because I have been given an awfully large amount of paid writing work. This is great from an economic point-of-view, fun from some of the writing bits point-of-view, daunting from others but, mainly, certainly now, at the beginning of it, all-consuming, timewise. I have to create timelines and themes for consumer stuff for the rest of the year, and costings (my worst) and my first deadline... Tomorrow. Which is why, typically, I am here, waffling (ooo, waffles... yum), the deadline crouched in the corner looking at me reproachfully.

And then... last night, I got home from my Real Job, to begin work on my Other Job, and my Lovely Little Laptop (LLL) blinked her laptop eyes at me, started up and then turned on that annoying battery-low red light, accompanied by it's bleepy little on/off voice. So, of course, being the logical being I am, I plugged it in. No change. In fact, the LLL's bleeps got more urgent (and more irritating) until, with a little sigh, everything went black.

Good timing? Fuck me, I think not. No amount of tinkering helped (I even tried The Pond's laptop's cable, much to the amusement of The BFF - some thing about different outputs? They're both silver, and the plug fits in so, surely, it should work? I swear, The BFF snorted in derision). Apparently not.

So I was up at dawn this morning, getting some Other Job in before Real Work. The BFF is coming over tonight and will look at it. I could see the glint in his eye, even though we were on the phone, as he said: "Open it up, blow out all the dust, reinsert the memory and give it a hug."

Oh-me-oh-my, will that work?


allie said...

Commiserations from another who has had 10 days of a blankfaced computer.
Helpless frustration.
Have thought of throwing my laptop at the wall a few times.
Or screaming at "someone" on the phone - only there IS no someone
Hence the frustration.
But, just for today, its all working.
I am carpe diem-ing

Shiny said...

Ah, long may yours working last! See today's post for mine's update x