Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiny solderers

Oh, woe is me. The BFF came over, looked at LLL, shook his head sadly, and said: "The wire is loose". Hmm, okay, so off I sent it to the computer shop this morning who reiterated this (Thank you, Pimply Youth, yes, I know the wire needs soldering. That is why I am here). But they don't solder. Try computer shop 2, around the corner. Trudge, trudge. (Thank you, Pimply Youth 2, yes, I know the wire needs soldering. That is why I am here). They don't solder either. Try the electrican waaaay down the road. Trudge trudge.

You guessed it, they don't do such tiny soldering either. At least it wasn't a Pimply Youth that told me this time that the wire needed soldering, instead it was an adult electrician. I still, however, knew it needed soldering... that was why I was there for heaven's sake. And they had no suggestions. At least I have had quadruple opinions on what it is. And they all concur.

Where the hell does one go to find a tiny soldering person? (And by that I don't mean that the person needs to be tiny, just the solderer. The person can be any shape or size they please. They can even be not-very-nice. Just as long as they tiny solder).

In happier news, The BFF has offered me a spare one of his so I'll be able to harriedly meet my deadlines this weekend. Yey for The BFF, he is a dear.

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