Monday, April 20, 2009

A wild party, perhaps?

There were paper clips everywhere, I kid you not. When I arrived at work this morning, my desk was a mess... like there'd been a (very small) wild party here over the weekend while everyone was away. Tiny strips of paper too, like mini-streamers. It seems the foot of the computer might've been transformed into a dancefloor of some kind - I could see tiny hoof-prints interspersed with paw prints in the dust.

And there, lying in a little pool of sunshine on the window sill, side by side - the dinosaur and the cow, looking as content as can be. If they weren't plastic (and thus have immovable legs and arms), I swear they would've been spooning. They were as close to spooning as plastic animals can be. Bless.

What better scene to arrive to on a Monday?


Janelle said...

i tell you. they were at it...super glue them. x j

Shiny said...

J - I think you might be right. Naughty creatures! x

rae said...

I do not feel comfortable with these insinuations that Mr Dino is fraternising with that cheap cow! I call for a retraction! it was obviously the fault of cricket and the cow.

Shiny said...

Rae - I wish I could allay your fears but, no, there were only hoof prints and dinosaur paw prints in the dust... x