Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Simply sad

It’s really weird that I wrote that post yesterday morning, considering what happened yesterday afternoon. Well, actually, I guess it’s not that weird. It’s been coming. I’m too sad to talk about it though. Heart-achingly sad. And this suddenly seems too public. I’ve always had an issue with that.

Instead, I will talk about the weather. That’s what my family do. We talk about the weather. My parents both did Geography at university (although my father is a geologist, my mother a social anthropologist who actually taught extra maths mainly) and have a fascination with anything meteorological. And so do I.

I love the weather report. I love to see what weather systems are boiling about off the coast, what’s going to hit us and whether they’ll skim past, leaving a chill breeze or dry wind or smattering of rain in their wake.

Oh, really, my head’s not in this. Normal service will resume. Sometime.


allie said...

So sad for you Shiny.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're OK.

Simply-Mel said...

Hope your'real life' friends are helping you through cos your cyber pals are sad and thinking of you.

Shiny said...

Thank you all. Yes, my 'real life's' have been fabulous, and I'm feeling much, much better. Sorting things out in my head, adjusting things, and it'll all be ok, probably better