Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Missing Year

Before I start, I must put it out there that this is definitely a case of The New Broom Sweeping Clean. I am the New Broom. And I'm Sweeping Clean. Or, at least, doing some light dusting in the corners. It. May. Not. Last.

I noticed this morning that my blog missed out 2008. Completely. I could've sworn I started it in 2008 but, no, there on the blog page, clear as day, it shows on my blog, or, I guess, doesn't show, that there just weren't any entries for 2008. Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe it's not just my blog that skipped 2008, maybe it was ME! Where did it go? Is it hiding, should I be careful when going around corners in case its waiting for me? Nah, surely not.

Years can't do that, can they?


Miranda said...

Oh they certainly can! Hate it when that happens. If you do come across it lurking round the corner just shout and wave your arms and it should lope off (hopefully dropping anything relevant)

Shiny said...

Ooo, good idea. I think I'll shout and wave my arms every time I go around a corner just in case 2008 is lurking there. And, of course, for the fun of it. ... x

Anonymous said...

2008 is waiting, in the wardrobe with the Lion and the witch.