Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The luckiest girl in the world

Some days are just good. And, the older (and more twisted I guess, or is a better word for it 'experienced?) I get, the less time I seem to have to dwell on those good days. I'm going to change that now and dwell away.

It was my birthday you see, and I got fabulous news from one of my best friends on my Birthday Eve and then more fabulous news on my birthday. And beside all the newses, I have fantastic friends and I got spoilt and just felt, well, wrapped in so much love. I know, it's gooey, it's mushy. It's true. I might be the luckiest girl alive.

My friends D and B, and their amazing 2-year old M moved back to this wild land last year. I haven't lived in the same place as D since varsity. It is fabulous to have her back and she's brought an even fabulouser husband back with her and a doubly fabulous daughter, M. It couldn't be better. So they were at my birthday dinner. Old friends, comfortable, like your favourite t-shirt.

And my dinner was filled with other friends too, ones from long ago who have seen me through my worst (and best) times and newer ones who feel like I've known them forever (and a couple who, if I believed in reincarnation - my jury is still out on it, I'd swear I'd known for lifetimes). It was that kind of dinner, just "The Core" people. Fuzzy-feeling-inducing. Only slight sadness was the missing few, those ones flung across the globe who you try and try, and close your eyes and wish as hard as you can to be there, but they're just not.

And then, the fact that it is summer and we could sit outside and I could look up and see the beautiful half-moon growing fatter and, and, and... let me stop gushing because that's what I seem to be doing! And I should work. I guess. Bleergh.

So, can one ever be too grateful I wonder?


Miranda said...

No - one can never be too grateful, I don't think. Although I notice people get bloody annoyed when one goes on and on about it. But fuck em, the miserable sods! That ain't going to stop me.

Welcome back. (Please stay a while!)

Shiny said...

Thank you! It was quite wierd because I wrote that post yesterday and then ambled on over to your blog and saw that you, too, had had a lucky day, what with your toast and all. Kindred spiritedly lucky I think x