Sunday, February 1, 2009

Return of The Prodigal Daughter

Ok, so I knew at the beginning that the name of this blog was a poor choice. Here I am, 33 and 364 days old, writing a blog post on a blog called "AlmostThirtyThree". How silly. But it's too late to change it I guess, so it'll stay. It's quite apt really, because I am prone to being silly.

It's also rather silly that I have left such a large gap between writings. I promise to try to be better (Note: I said try...) I made a New Years resolution to get back into writing. I have been slack. I lost my writing mojo. I had to delve deep and wrack my brains to find inspiration for updating my Facebook status. It was that bad. Seriously. So now I'm going to use this dusty little corner to ramble away and try and get some of the words in my head to come tumbling out. Forgive the jumble. It's bound to be a whole lot of crap. My mission is to make it honest, and real.

In the meantime, I have been reading other people's blogs religiously. I am a voyeur of the first order. I pull my middle finger to those people who vociferously claim that Facebook is the work of the devil. Come on, we all know we love it. We're not allowed to climb into people's heads and read their thoughts and we'd all love to. It's the humanness of us. It's intrinsic. And Facebook is the closest we can get. And blogs. I am continually astounded by the writing talents of people. Astounded and intimidated. Such beautiful, prosaic, clear writing. Inspirational.

So, without having caught you up to where I am, having rambled at you, a month past the due date in my head, hopefully this is me, back in the blogosphere, mumbling to myself, being amazed and putting my words on a screen.

I wonder how long it'll last?


Elan Hoffman said...


You do write beautifully and clearly and do not need to be intimidated!

I for one certainly hope that your writing continues for long time to come :)

Miranda said...

me too. and your facebook status updates are what i look forward to every day so thats a good start!