Thursday, February 5, 2009

The floodgates have opened

I seem to just have so very many words in my head that want to tumble out now. It's great. I was really worried there for a while (many months). I thought I'd lost my Writing Voice. But now, it’s back, and the words are jumbling and stumbling and queuing to get out and I can’t get them out quick enough. So many things I want to write about and so many dreary-everyday things getting in the way.

Like work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work (mostly) and feel like I do a very little bit of something that may help the world to be a better place, but, sometimes, just sometimes, I’d like to be in the middle of the Karoo, surrounded only by vast space, sky and air, alone with my thoughts and allowing them to just flow out. You know, to get rid of that queue in my head. They’re impatient those words, they’re crowding my mind, and the jostling is making me tired. In a good way though.

I need to write a post about the movies playing on the backs of my eyelids… I need to know if it’s only me that has their own drive-in cinema, installed in their head (I just can’t find the popcorn stand but, fear not, I won’t stop looking). I have things to say about childhood aromas – the smell of my grandparents… that kind of smell that invokes the feeling of being completely cosy. You know what I mean? When you are in bed in exactly the right comfy position, exactly the right temperature, perfectly fed, not thirsty, tomorrow is Saturday and you know you are loved… that feeling.

Oh, and so much more.

I will find the time, won’t I?


Miranda said...

Yes you will and we'll be here cheering you along...

Angela said...

Cinema in your head? naa, you`re not alone. You can share your pictures and smells and feelings very vividly, want to hear more!! Let them all come out, your suppressed words! When Miranda and tam are cheering, I´ll join in.

Shiny said...

Miranda - thank you, I'm a sucker for cheering... I'll bring balloons

Angela - yippee, you have one too? I must get to finding my popcorn stand