Thursday, February 26, 2009

Confusion, present and self-help

I'm confused. While I realise that this is not exactly odd when it comes to me, I still think I need to get this out. Why is it that my blog posts publish the day before I've written them? I fear I might be stuck in some whirring, whizzing time machine thing where I'm writing stuff in my past and seeing it in my future. Or am I writing stuff in my future and seeing it in my past? You see? Confused.

Basically, I just think I'd like to hang around here, in the present a bit. Like all those self-help books seem to spew at people. I speak under correction, though, because I am ever-so-proud to say: I have never, ever, read a self-help book. I'm just going on what other people have told me.

The whole self-help book thing has never appealed. As far as I'm concerned, books are there to take you away from this world, to far away places you'd never normally go, with characters who you can fall in love with, or despise, or relate to, or not. They're not there to preach to you on how you should live.

I know I find myself in a minority (or do I?) here, but really, I'm blessed to have great friends who give me any amount of advice I need, and me to them, whenever needed, fully-personalised. Sometimes we get it oh-so-wrong but, mostly, we know each other well enough to get it just right. No flowing-clothed-humming-cross-legged-guru-speak necessary. Gosh, I almost sound angry. Perhaps I should put this angry energy into a bubble, and blow it away, while visualising a field filled with daisies, with two lambkins jumping around each other joyously. Oh, wait, is that the farmer's wife coming in from centre left, with chopping knife in hand? Best I leave the bubble-blowing and pick some mint for mint sauce.

Hmm, I fear I've been reading too many serial killer stories... Again, I blame the BFF. I didn't get the book, he did.

I completely strayed off the topic there. All I really was wondering was how on earth to get my blog to live in the present?

P.S. As proof, I'm posting this at 2:11pm, on the 27th of February.


Frank J said...

Heya Shiny

Tried checking the clock on your PC? ALternatively, lurcking somewhere in your settings it may be that Blogger thinks you're in Alabama or Tajikistan instaead of 'Johannesburg' South Africa, Harare or Ciaro... which are all GMT +2.

And as for self help books.. The concept grabs me as an oxymoron. I mean if I could help myself, would I need a book??


Rambler said...

Yep, you need to set your time in your blogger settings...

I like self help books... I may write one... self help books sell! Thats why I like them!


Shiny said...

Thanks boys... I'll delve into the machinatins of my bloggery settings and see what I can do. Hope I don't land up in the 18th century or something... x

Miranda said...

Yes careful, blogging in the 18th century can be very dangerous indeed. Sometimes if you start writing yesterday and post it tomorrow it will show up as yesterday, if you know what I mean...