Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Big Day

Everything seems insignificant on Big Days. You know the kind. The days when Big Things happen. Like today. When people walking around, dropping their kids at school, buying milk, getting on with, well, life, all seems weird. I expect everybody to feel how I do today: anxious, worried, teary.

You see, my lovely friend Pop goes in to have both breasts removed and reconstructed today. Although they only found cancer in one breast she decided to take both off in case. Very wise I think. She’s been so very brave throughout the chemo, lost her hair and looks beautiful for it, had ‘chemo brain’, finished it all off and now it’s time for the op. Today.

Her partner, Shuzie, has been incredible. She’s the kind of person you’d want around if something like this happened (God forbid.) She got on with it. They changed their (already healthy) eating habits, they kept fit and healthy, they did all the things you’re supposed to, while still doing the fun things and the naughty things and things that you’re ‘not supposed to’. And the main thing – the love they share. Hell, it’s not perfect, and I’m sure there are cracks just as in any relationship but from the outside looking in… it’s all-encompassing, comforting, present.

So today my bloggy readers, just today, I will ask a favour of you: to pray to whoever your god is, that it all goes as it should and that her recovery is as quick and painless as possible. It’s my birthday tomorrow and that’s all I want for it. Please.


Angela said...

All will be well, Shiny and Pop. Stare all your fears down and smile now. And have a happy birthday tomorrow, enjoying some naughty things! Life is going to continue, I am praying and celebrating with you.

I'm so not a blogger said...

sending all my positive thoughts and prayers.

Mud in the City said...

Have said a little prayer for all of you

allie. said...

So hard, so brave -
And Yes - of course.

Shiny said...

Thank you, all, update today, above xxx