Friday, February 4, 2011

What a lucky girl I am

So, yes, what've I done in the last two days? Bullet form today, because I am feeling super-organised, and I feel like splashing some little dotty bullets about the place:
  • Visited Pop twice, once on Wednesday, once yesterday, and seen her turn from pale, horribly sore, unhappy, looking-so-small Pop into slightly rosier, less sore, still-looking-so-small Pop. I've just spoken to her and she's being discharged. This has made me dance a little jig of joy. Of course I want her to be quick-quick back to rosy, pain-free, back-to-normal-size (which is small, but in a different way) Pop, but she's on that road and I'm so glad. She was ever-so-brave and they found nothing 'untoward' in her lymph nodes which is wonderful news. Now she just needs to recover fully.
  • I turned 36 years old, making my blogname even more ridiculous than, well, the day before the day before yesterday (otherwise known as Tuesday.)
  • I breakfasted on said birthday with my parents and their best friends who have known me since I was born. It made me realise how incredibly lucky I am to have them all within walking distance of The House in the Middle of the Street. They gave me beautiful roses too.
  • I suppered on said birthday with wonderful, old friends at a pavement restaurant in the City Beneath the Mountain. The concrete sizzled in the heat and the bins smelt rank from around the corner and down the alley in the furnace-like temperatures, as we all listened in on the internet date at the next table. The smell dissolved in the good company and the couple next door seemed well-suited. They must've breathed a sigh of relief when we left, with our twenty waggling ears between us.
  • I stayed outside as a thunderstorm passed over causing steam to rise from my driveway after the even hotter heat of yesterday - 39 degrees celcius. Too hot to breathe. We don't often get thunderstorms (or rain) in Summer here on the tip of Africa, that happens always further North where I grew up. It was wonderful. The smell of rain on hot dust is indesrcibable, so I won't try.
  • I got into bed, my hair filled with raindrops, my body cooled and lay in the air of the fan, contemplating what a very lucky girl I am to love and be loved as I am.

Hmm, not so sure about the bullet form... will go back to paragraphs next time, okay?


Gail said...

I love the bullet form, but I love that you have so many things to bullet! :)

Shiny said...

Gail - me too! x