Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Whingers

Honestly, I love Stalkbook Facebook. Never before have voyeurs, such as myself, had such free reign to tune into other people's lives, whether or not we're close friends. I mean this in a completely non-freaky way though. Yes, I will flick through your photos (and those of your friends, even the ones I don't know) but I won't then stalk you or send you wierd mails or have envelopes filled with notes made up of letters cut from magazines delivered to your office.

No, I'm more of a social voyeur. The type that just looks, laughs and occassionally judges (honestly, who doesn't?), as I'm assuming, people do with me. I did, however, change my privacy options to stop people other than those I know from looking at my pictures because I know what people (read: me) are like. Not that I mind Friends of Friends seeing what I'm up to, it's the Friends of Friends of theirs I worry about. Snigger. Which brings me to my point: two bugbears, big, fat ones.

Firstly, the people who keep whining on in their status updates about Facebook and their privacy. For heaven's sake people, did you not notice, on signing up, that it was Facebook? You were not signing in to your secure bank account, it's Facebook. Read the name, work the concept through your tiny mind. That's the point - putting your entire life out there, for the world to see.

However, what you put out there is your choice. You don't sign on and little suckers come flying out of your screen, attaching to your brain and offering your every thought, conversation, soul-kept secret as your status updates (thank god). You choose what to put there, you choose the pictures you put there, are tagged on, allow people to see. Honestly, if you don't like it, use the privacy features or stop whinging and whining and delete your profile.

Secondly, more on the whining. I so wish there could be a dislike button for all the revoltingly whiny status updates. Stop moaning about the trvialities that make up life, we all have them. I am truly sorry that your milk is sour, but I'm not sure it's worthy of Stalkbook. And especially stop moaning vaguely, causing ripples of responses to your update saying "Moana is unimpressed" to ask what's wrong. Suck it up. As my mother says: "If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say it." I'd like to make her the moderator for Facebook, just for a day.

Shoo, look at me ranting and whinging. As I said, I love Facebook, and I love hearing even the minutiae of my friend's lives (even the sour milk now and again) but it's the constant whining I don't like. It's not that they all have to be happy. Hell, mine aren't. It's just that there's a difference between sad, dissappointed, tragic and... Moaning. Reading back, I realise this is aimed at two or three of my Facebook "Friends", people I honestly didn't know very well twenty years ago when we lived in the same town. Perhaps I should put a lid on it and take my own advice and use all those Facebook buttons and delete them.

Problem is: I feel so bad deleting people even though they won't even know. It just seems so, well, mean. I have a whole list of Friend Requests that have been sitting for months because they're all people who I wasn't even really friends with at school. I just can't bring myself to click Ignore.

A stream-of-conciousness blog post. Still a bit rambling, isn't it?


lg said...

I SO understand exactly what you mean! Like the latest thing of "See who's stalking your profile" - for heavens blimmin sake, they are your friends that you have given access to, so what the hell if they look at them. If you dont want them to see them. take the pics off or yourself off. ANd anyway - I think its rubbish that they can tell anyway!

As far as deleting people - I used to feel the same way as you...mean! But one day I just woke up and thought "Hey, YOU asked to be my friend, and since then you have not interacted with me at all?? WTH?" So, my rule of thumb is I will accept you PROVIDED we were actually friends at some point but if you never update your status, or never comment on're history. Nothing personal. But get out of the sandpit if you ain't gonna play!
Sounds dreadfully cruel doesn't it? FaceBook...a whole new way to offend people without even knowing it! :-)

Loved your post, probably because I totally 'get it!'

Have a great weekend!

Kristin said...

Some people I delete and some streams I just hide from my newsfeed, which is probably even worse. I allow myself my voyeurism but only if/when I want to do it. Terrible, huh?

Miranda said...

Oh no, I hope its not me!

I had to keep my mouth firmly shut the other day when someone was going on about Stalkbook and privacy and how you give away too much information (whose forcing you darlin) and how you can have too many friends (the more the merrier surely?) and how she will only allow herself 50 (oh puhleeze!) And all sorts of privacy bla bla. But then in the same breath says she has a blog. Well...

I also can't bring myself to click ignore. Heh!

Shiny said...

Ig - welcome! I need to learn from your Stalkbook etiquette!

Kristin - terrible? Nah. Sounds very clever to me.

Miranda - definitely not referring to yours! I love yours. Those privacy fiend people are hysterical. And oh-so-terribly-righteous about it all too. Amazing.


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