Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just received an indignant mail from G saying: “You didn’t mention the pudding.” And she’s right, I didn’t. Forgive me, because it was worth mentioning. There under the hot night sky, we made ourselves fatter, just like the moon, while I listened in to the plastic-surgeried-to-the-hilt lady at the next table going on-and-on-and-on about healthy lifestyle choices and self actualisation. She ordered a burger. When it arrived she threw her arms up, put her hands to her cheeks and exclaimed: “Chips!” What did she expect? Twit. She then scoffed them down at great speed.

Across at our table, the pudding was delicious. Vanilla Swiss Roll with chocolate sauce, espresso ice-cream and a good whallop of cream. We shared it, because pudding, in my opinion, should always be shared. It just tastes nicer that way.


lg said...

Wahahahahaa.... LOVED your desription of the woman at the other table! :)

I agree, pudding is better shared! Even if we each order a different one, we share them!

Angela said...

I LOVE to listen to people at the next table. (I hope they don`t fel the same way about us, but probably they do). But aren`t they always peculiar?
Your pudding sounds great. I`ll now go and eat the slim version of one (yoghurt), alone, sadly.

Shiny said...

Ig - I always find it very hard not to eavesdrop so, mostly, I just let myself!

Geli - see above... Hope the yoghurt was yummy