Thursday, March 18, 2010

A political letter

This is an unusual post for me. I’m not usually a political commentator (and can’t claim to be the brightest cookie when it comes to politics, so bare with me) but decided to give this one a spin, just for the halibut (sorry).

Here in South Africa, we having a cooking pot of politicians. I guess that applies everywhere, there are always hot-headed people involved, some who use their hot-headedness positively, others who don’t. We have one in the ANC Youth League (ANCYL), that is exceedingly worrying. He was just found guilty of hate speech and harassment, by the Equality Court. I really liked what the judge said: “Being a man of vast political influence, be wary of turning into a man that often speaks but never talks."


Before I start on my actual rant, let me just congratulate you on your great choice of webpage (and party) colour – yellow is so cheerful. In fact, it reminded me of one my favourite dresses as a child, which my mother made for me out of white and yellow heart-patterned fabric that we bought at The Grand Parade in Cape Town, when were there on holiday in the ‘80’s. I’m straying from my point though.

I have a couple of little bones to pick with you. Firstly, your president. Are you not a Youth League? I am a bit confused as to how ‘youthul’ he is? How old can you be to lead a youth league? Maybe it’s just me, but he looks a little on the mature side to be referred to as a youth.

Secondly, should he really be allowed to stand on any public podium/in any public space/near any microphone or TV camera, when what spews out of his mouth always seems to be, well, honestly, a load of twaddle (and, often, violence-inciting twaddle at that)? It seems to me that the man so often finds himself with his foot in his mouth. Perhaps he should keep it there, to prevent further ‘spoken misshaps’, if I can call them that.

Just a couple of thoughts, you can take them or leave them (obviously). I have to admit I’m a bit of a political philistine and, perhaps, should not base all my thoughts on the media, but, well, I’m just your average member of the public with only that to go on.

To end off, let me go back to my mum’s sewing skills – if your president would like a sweet (admittedly a bit ‘80’s, but I think the ‘80’s are in again) yellow dress to match your party colours, which he could wear while keeping his foot firmly in his mouth, I’d be happy to ask her. She is quite busy making the most beautiful things for my sister’s twins, but I’m sure she’d do something for you too, if we asked nicely.

Shiny x

I wonder if this would make them cross?


Elan Hoffman said...

You will probably be labeled a racist-counter revolutionary- imperialistic-capitalist for this post...

Angela said...

Shall I bake you a cake with a file? You might need it in your cell.

Shiny said...

Elan - they might. Oops. They'd be wrong though.

Angela - yes please. My favourite is chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I don't think they would get it. Clearly none of them were hit with the irony stick when they were born.

Shiny said...

Anon - you're probably right. Pity. I wish you weren't x