Friday, March 12, 2010

No clamming

Did you see that? Did you? Did you? There, under here, in the comments from my last post? I have one, I do. A real one. They made a comment, that's how I can be so sure. That makes my blog, like, um, a real blog.

I have a lurker!

Now, I like to think that I write this blog purely to get some of the swarming thoughts in my head out and into writing, a practice pad but, honestly, who doesn't still revert back to that I'm-in-Sub-A-and-got-a-gold-star-on-my-forehead-so-am-puffing-my-chest-out-with-pride state on hearing praise from any audience. I just didn't realise I had one, really. Well, I mean, I knew a couple of people read it, but lurkers? Wow.

So thank you, to all those people who commented, and to my lurker who made me all chest-puffy-outy, for providing me and my often arbitrary ramblings, with an audience. I did, indeed feel very raw and exposed and almost felt a little bit like I needed to step back and clam up a bit, but then everybody was just so nice.

So I am going to try and keep this clam shell pried open with the stick from a cocktail umbrella I kept the other day, okay?

P.S. In the interest of honesty, I apologise... I lied, that was my 201st post, not my 200th. I somehow missed 200, even though I was, supposedly, paying attention. Tsk.


Miranda said...

No! No clamming please! Congrats on the lurker!!

Name: Crazii Redhead said...

Consider yourself having acquired another lurker! I religiously read and feel the same way when people comment on my blog. Gold stars all round!

Anonymous said...

Olympic standard lurker number 3 over here. Your 'Feedjit' thingie says 'Europe' when I am paying you a visit...

Love your blog Shiny....but please do get to the part about the new love, the suspense is killing me!!!

Shiny said...

Thanks, all. My gold star keeps falling off my forehead but I keep spitting on it and putting it back. Nice.

Two more lurkers? Woohooooo xx

P.S. Am working up the courage to the entire blurt x

tam said...

Blurt away, you crazy shiny sexy being you. And thanks for the punt on my letter. And the compliments. Am I going to see you in CT? I'm there on Monday.

Shiny said...

Tam - I SO wanted to come and see your play, but they're all in work hours - harumph. Will you be around for any others? I don't have your number and my sister is in Ethiopia. Urgh. Going to try and get it. Otherwise mail me please or Stalkbook me or something x