Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Very important thoughts

My mind is a-flutter and a-flitter, like a tangling mass of earthworms in a worm farm (doing my bit for the Green Revolution, by metaphor). I have things to think about, I am swaying back and forth, a pendulum of indecision, a writhing collection of uncertainty.

Instead of trying to sort it out in my mind by writing it on this here page, I will leave you with the thoughts I keep returning to, in an attempt to not drive myself completely mad.

  1. Are there lots of turkeys in Turkey? Or, at least, just one.
  2. Why is it ‘turkeys’ and not ‘turkies’?
  3. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if our eyelids made a noise when we blinked? I think so. Then you’d know if people are awake or asleep, without having to look. Maybe a gentle tinkle, like those old-fashioned bells people have on shop doors. But a bit softer.

Important stuff, isn’t it?


Miranda said...

Very important questions. all. And also some previously posed by you on stalkbook. Do fish get thirsty? Do birds get scared of heights?

And YES about the eyelids. How very delightful. Although there would be no more surreptitious nodding off in lectures. (is it ever surreptitious though?) Perhaps there would be silencers or something that you could buy?

Shiny said...

Aah Miranda, that's brilliant! We could make a fortune selling eyelash silencers to errant students. Yippeee xx