Thursday, September 15, 2011


Each year, without fail, I forget what a grumpy monster I turn into during the dark days of Winter. All I can say is thank the gods I don’t live in Europe with its way-too-long Winter, I might not have any friends at all if I did! Then, again without fail, Spring comes along and I feel the dark cloud lift and my personality starts wiggling around in the sun and I can feel the smile coming back.

This year is no exception. Our trip into the beautiful Karoo was the perfect celebration for the beginning of Spring – breathing fresh air, meeting new people, clearing the cobwebs from my head, opening me up to the newness of another Spring, all fresh and light-green-leaf-budded. Is there anything more beautiful than a tree in its new Spring dress?

And so, I’m welcoming it all, opening myself up to all that life can offer me, crawling out from the Winter darkness and blinking in the sunlight, its warmth on my face to the sky. I have had one of those weeks that have restored my faith in humankind. Despite having a momentary wobble (again) about privacy on this here blog, I reminded myself that it’s my stream of consciousness, be it egotistical, fantastical, or real, and I love it. I still claim my anonymity, even though it's not quite as anonymous as it used to be.

I’ve got back into watching movies, seen friends, met people, remembered my personality and (here I’m going to sound egotistical but I’m referring to the world, not my personality as such) it is good.

Happy Spring.


Angela said...

Happy Spring indeed! You are lucky! WE are now facing autumn, which is not yet so bad, with its spiderwebs flying into your face and sandthorns fruits which make you face twist if you eat them raw, but still some sunny days and apples and pears. BUT we know that winter is around the door... And yes, my mood also sinks in cold weather. Bleah.
But I am happy for you, Shiny! And I sent you a handwritten card with a pretty picture. Cheers from Europe!

fushandchips said...
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Shiny said...

Oh Geli, yay! xx

Kristin said...

Our weather's turned to the cool and dark and I'm fighting the grumpy monster myself. Your words of summer will cheer me up. :)

Shiny said...

Oh, but you'll come to Africa an get some of our summer sunshine, and I'll keep bottling it, blog-style, to send to you x