Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An aside

Did you see what happened there? I went into the Karoo and the stories just tumbled out of me, are tumbling out of me. And I'm loving the writing, not having to force myself like I have been for the past few months, they're just there, pouring out, unstoppable.

I'm sitting in my lounge, in the House in the Middle of the Street, watching the sun set over the mountain and hearing so much city noise and missing the stillness of that place out there, under the huge sky, where the biggest noise is the hadedas coming home to roost in the evenings.

Across the road, through the gate, I have just watched a woman park her car on the pavement, get out, and place five tiny vases, each with a different, also tiny, bouquet of flowers in it, on a tray. The magic continues. The question is just how to keep it going...


Angela said...

But I DID comment! Where is it?

Angela said...

What I meant was - keep it going by watching people and letting your imagination run. Why did that woman put those five vases on her tray? Does she have five house guests? Or five urns on her matlepiece (well, almost the same then)? Or five lovers who should not be disappointed by treated differently.
It is so much fun to invent stories, watch people at the neighbour`s table, hear a casual sentence, and make up their entanglements. You are such a keen observer, Shiny, and your gift of storytelling is so stunning. If you`d invent a plot, find a main character (much like yourself), and just go on weaving a tapestry of people and their stories, you`d create THE South African Society book! Like Dostoyevsky or Thomas Mann in their society.
C`mon, get started NOW.

Kristin said...

You are unstoppable. They're always there, when you're ready for them.

Shiny said...

Oh, Geli, you make it sound so very easy!
Kristin - too true.