Saturday, September 24, 2011

Soul music on a Saturday

Is there anything better than putting headphones on and feeling music coursing through your blood, through every cell of your body to each nerve ending, a soundtrack to life. The magic of hearing a song that makes your heart contract and your stomach do a somersault. I love it.

While in that magic place in the Karoo, the place where my heart swells-to-bursting, I heard a new band sing a new song (well, new to me) and loved it. I thought of them this week and did a bit of YouTubing, as one does. Yet again, the magic of the place followed me, throwing out this video, pumping hearts and all (headphones, top volume necessary. Feel it):

The complete joy of the song made me get G to drive with me, miles and miles through the blastedly depressing factory lands to get to the only place that had the only one of the CDs left in The City Beneath the Mountain and drive back, music blaring, windows open to our first Summer day's heat, and smile the smile of one who's found some music that hits the soul in one fell swoop. And there, in amongst it all, another song with perfect lyrics for my ever-expanding life soundtrack.

And then to our other ally, who came with us, for a cooling beer, where we drank the last bottle of that spring water brew from that magical place and began some serious plotting to get back there. Perfect Saturday afternoon of sunshine and magic and music to keep the deep red blood flowing through a strongly-beating heart with bass to kill for.


Angela said...

They won`t let me hear the music (not available in Germany, bleah), but you wrote so well about it that I can almost hear it anyway.
Enjoy that strongly-beating heart, it makes us feel ALIVE! Which is always great to feel. Yesterday we had one of those last autumn days, with dragon flies and butterflies at the duck pond, tiny pears to eat, and warm sunshine on my skin. There was no music, but it felt like it.

Anonymous said...

Recently discovered Laura Marling, she writes the most powerful lyrics I've heard in a while. Try 'Rambling Man', 'New Romantic' or 'Ghosts'.....actually any of her songs are just beautiful.

Shiny said...

Geli - that's the best kind of music!

Anon - I'm on it.


Kristin said...

Great music! It's made my Friday morning brighter.