Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A kinder 2011



Well, yes, but, where did 2010 go? I have a sneaky suspicion that the calender guy has been dropping a day off here and there, and may even have dropped the entire month of June. I don't remember there being one. No point in moaning or groaning about it, though, what's done is done, and all that and now look... we have a shiny, sparkley, new year to play with.

Here on the tip of Africa it is sweltering - mid-30's we're getting today. Honestly, it's drainingly hot during the day, but there's something magical about hot Summer evenings. I always expect herds of fireflies to come flitting around the corner, lighting up the hibiscus flowers in my front garden, singing songs. You know those ones... Firefly Folk Songs.

With the brand-spanking new, out-of-the-box, year comes the anticipation of better things. Resolutions are made, new leaves are turned over, we all suddenly expect ourselves to be first class citizens with no faults - beautifully slim, no hair out of place, morals intact, all vices dropped like a hot Irish Coffee caffeine-free, sugarless, herbal tea, punctual, calm and collected. What a load of hoo-ee.

I'm not knocking the quest for healthier living, not at all, I'm trying it myself. Middle age has brought her spread along and I need to stop spreading before I fall over the sides, but my main goal this year is to try to be kinder to myself. I can be a hard task master and it exhausts me and that dissappoints me in myself and you can see what a vicious circle that is! So, in being kinder to myself mentally, I hope to be kinder to myself physically too - less vices, more of that herbal tea stuff...

For now, though, I need to pour water over my head and sit in front of the fan. Big Black Dog has sprawled herself over the cool kitchen tiles and has her left paw and left foot against the cool, red kitchen wall, her right ones hanging languidly in the air, her tummy up catching the air from the fan, leaving her looking mighty slutty.

It shows good upbringing, don't you think?


Angela said...

Can`t imagine you sweltering. Not at temps of -10°C or less. I will send you some COLD photos!
Oh no, don`t believe in the herbal tea thing. Who ever saw a happy ascet, refraining from every joy in exaggeration? Go ahead and treat yourself lovingly, but be sure to forgive yourself as easily if you failed to behave!
And you are not middle age yet, you are still a chick! Haven`t you heard of Johannes Heesters who is 107 and still performs on stage?

Shiny said...

Isn't it amazing to think you're knee-deep in snow and we're falling about hotly? Please no, I have no desire to make it to 107!


Kristin said...

Happy new year! May it be a kind one.

Shiny said...

Kristin - and to you! xx