Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Distracted from admin by my new game

I have much admin to do. You know the kind - phoning banks and telephone people and the like, listening to the irritating electronic voice telling you to enter your sixty-five digit account number (followed by the hash key), then some crappy Kenny G saxophone music that makes you want to scream, then the electronic voice again asking you to enter your eighty-six digit ID number (followed by the hash key), more squwaky (sp?) Kenny G saxophone, electronic voice asking you type in what you had for breakfast etc. Eventually you get to a Real Person. Inevitably in the wrong department, who has no clue who you are, despite your pressing all the right numbers (and hashes.)

I said much admin, didn't I? As you can tell from the above ranty paragraph, I did do one call. Then I got distracted by a new game I made up (as you do on a sweltering day sitting in the kitchen with a fan staring you down.) I popped over to Mud's blog which is always brilliant and wished her a happy 2011 and then clicked on one of her blog links and wished them a happy 2011 (and commented) and then clicked on a link of theirs...

I've been from Timor/Singapore, to a Cyber Mummy in London, to Devonshire, to a retired County Council worker in some other English countryside, then to a firefighter in Vermont and now I'm somewhere in the State's with a dental hygienist who is very funny.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm no stranger to the blog trawling game, no sirree. I love it, almost as much as I love donkeys (did I mention nobody gave me one for Christmas? Again.) It's just that normally I'm a bit of a voyeur and don't really comment. This time I am commenting and being very strict with myself about linking from one to the next and not. Getting. Distracted.

Pity about the admin, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Excellent game! I hope you've enjoyed your cyber journey. Where next??

Angela said...

I TRIED to find you a stuffed donkey for Christmas, but could find none, neither here nor in Poland. It is not the same as a real live one with a soft muzzle, but you wouldn`t have to find a pasture for it, either. I`ll keep my eyes open.
And this blog hopping really is FUN. I once came to a Missy who was a very Christian pastor`s wife in America`s Bible Belt, and she was apparently found (commented by) a proclaimed Heathen Lesbian woman who believed in free will and abortion... yes, sometimes comments can come as a shock. So don`t overdo your game, Shiny, you might cause heart attacks!

Anonymous said...

I love that game! I have found many a delightful blog by doing it.

And just think how many people's days you made (including mine!) by commenting on their posts.

smile steady said...

I'm SO glad you stopped by! It's so easy to get caught up in that game. And maybe, just maybe, after enough clicking and commenting you'll find someone with a donkey to give away! Maybe? :)

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog! You don't have your email visible in your Blogger profile, so I came over here to answer your question about Madrid. The Hotel Opera was close to the Palace and Prado. We ended up taking a taxi from the hotel to the train station, because it was a bit farther and we had all the luggage. Hope that helps!

Shiny said...

Mud - I plan to play it regularly. Perhaps I should keep a log of the countries I vist!

Geli - oh, thank you for trying! I shall be gentle with my commenting!

Lifeofadoctorswife - the pleasure was mine.

smile steady - I won't stop trying. I'm sure I'll eventually come across somebody with a spare donkey.

Jessica - thanks SO much. I'll be reading the rest of your holiday stories, too.