Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am wild

I am wild I tell you, wild. Watch me roar. Or, rather, I suppose, hear me roar. Wait, urm… read me roar.


“Why?” I hear you ask. I’ll explain.

Yesterday was Monday. A school night. At the very beginning of the week. My first day back at Real Work, though, which goes some way to explaining my wildness. Rowr. So, yes, Monday. And I tasted Patron for the first time. It was delicious.

For those of you who don’t know, Patron is tequila, but not just Any-Old-Tequila, it’s the one The Kardashians drink… you know, Kloe and Kourtney (sp?) and Kim. Those ridiculously wealthy sisters who spend their lives being watched by the world on TV while they make out, break up, fight with each other and love each other and… well… drink champagne and Patron.

I am fascinated by them, despite the complete air-headedness of it all. I’m a voyeur, what can I say? So, when I saw Patron on the menu, I had to try it to be like The Kardashians. More proof of my 13-year old temperament. I shouldn’t be admitting to it really. I mentioned it was yesterday, Monday, didn’t I? Wild.


It was delicious, coffee-flavoured. However, in order for my body to prove to me that, while I may have the brain of a 13-year old, I do not have the body, I was awake half the night. Tequila keeps me awake. It also (after a glass of wine to precede it, with dinner) persuades me that eating ice-cream doused in espresso before bed is a good idea.

It’s not.



Angela said...

Those funny sisters whom I had never heard of before (stupid German)were mentioned in our newspaper today! A Kalifornian Kreditkard Kompany (is that a new fashion? I looks very German) has sued the three ladies to pay 75million$$ for breaking a contract.
Oh my, Shiny, THAT is the kind of kompany you admire? Just watch out whose tequila you share!
Worried Auntie

Kristin said...

How wonderful. Live and learn, eh?

Shiny said...

Oh Auntie, don't worry, I shall only drink tequila with the nicest people!

Kristin - indeed. Such fun.