Friday, May 7, 2010

Computer geek

Yip, you are seeing right. Two posts in a matter of two hours! I just couldn't leave this unwritten. Here at Real Work (long, boring story about why I am here on a Friday), we are updating our access-based database. This involves my having to deal with one of those geek boys who do computer stuff and talk unintelligably about interfaces and blah blah blah...

He's just come in and rattled off at me about the changes he's made. I caught (maybe) every third word. Those were 'and', 'if' and 'perhaps', mainly. I did catch something that sounded like 'parrot', too, but I think I might have misheard. I just nodded, and smiled.

What I did hear, right at the end, though, was: "It's turned out well. It's got a great feel to it, doesn't it?"

He was talking about an access database. A database! And a boring, medical one at that. Is it just me, or are these computer types just wierd? I think I should get him to go outdoors and stroke a velvetty donkey's nose to understand where it is appropriate to use the sentence "It's got a great feel", or am I the wierd one?


Miranda said...

wait, wait, wait! You're going too fast! I find myself commenting on 5 posts ago! Computer geeks and techies speak another language. Us mere donkey lovers cannot understand them

tam said...

I love donkeys too. Do you know that painting of the man carrying a donkey? Is it a Goya? I love that painting. I must find it again.
Have you noticed how they think we're the weird ones if we don't understand what they mean by processing speeds and such?