Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost disaster

I couldn’t remember one of my best friend’s phone numbers this morning. A number I dial almost daily. I got to the third digit and then… nothing. Not an inkling of an idea what the next one was. Panic. This is one of my oldest friends, she's a lifeline, I've known her for over 17 years. And now, I will never, ever, be able to speak to her again, because my brain has turned into salty mush. I sat very still and wondered how I would get over this terrible conundrum.

Luckily she phoned me a little while later, waking me from my still-sitting reverie. I told her my tale of lost-headed woe and the tragedy that could’ve resulted. Her answer:

“You could’ve just looked it up on your phone. It is in there.”

She makes a good point. Pity I couldn't come up with it myself. Perhaps I shouldn’t be sitting here, at work, not even pretending to look busy, but with responsibilities that need attending to, hmm?


Angela said...


allie said...

Why does it make me feel better when someone else "misses the beat"?

It seems mean spirited to find it comforting - I hope its not.

If you want to feel really good about yourself, read my latest post.
That "blankbrainedness" is in a league of its own!

allie said...

Now - the second latest post -
entitled "Confessions of Idiocy" . . .

Mud in the City said...

I am considerably fuzzy at the moment (14 hr time difference) and have no idea what's going on so I feel your pain!

family Affairs said...

I think it's scary how few numbers we retain now. I couldn't phone one persons mobile in an emergency except my own and maybe my ex husband's - I don't know my children's numbers even. Just rubbish. Alcohol not helping. Lx

Shiny said...

Angela - the laugh of someone who understands!

Allie - not mean at all. I'm SO glad I'm not alone. Had a good giggle at your version of hair-brainededness. Hope you've recovered!

Mud - sheesh, I can't imagine what silliness I'd be getting up to if I added that on top of my current brain state

L - isn't it incredible? Then we get all cross if our phones die, leaving us numberless... Slaves to little slivers of plastic and metal