Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting stuff done

Sunday, late afternoon, after a weekend of getting things 'sorted out', readying for my trip into the Great Wide Open. Seven weeks it'll be. Seven, full, weeks. This entails much planning. It's funny, though, the routine grocery-buying, salary-paying, getting enough hand cream, tampons, dog food for two months, suddenly takes on a silvery sheen, a shuddery excitement.

The Big Black Dog is coming with me, she's getting old, I can't leave her. I also can't deny  her the joy of living in a place where she will be free to roam, lead-less, her lungs filled with clear, fresh, air, the sky above her stretching further than she has ever seen.

That sky.

But still, regardless of the silvery sheen on it all, there is much still to be done, I just can't do it now. It's Sunday afternoon, I still suffer (twenty years later) from Sunday Aftenoon Blues, a hangover from boarding school. The dread of going back, hearing the doors lock behind you, leaving the weekend looking forlornly at the closed hostel door.

These Sunday Blues, however, are a lighter blue. More eggshell blue than royal blue, because I have six more working days until I am off for 60 days. Sixty. With that, I give a happy sigh, and get back to my sorting out things, the huge blue sky doing somersaults in my head.


Robyn said...

not long now!!!

Kristin said...

Oh, happy sigh. What a glorious task and silvery sheen. I am so excited for you!

family Affairs said...

WOOHOO - can you blog from there?? Lx

Shiny said...

Robyn and Kristin - wohooooo, indeed. 8 days.

FA - hopefully, yes


Doll said...

Where are you Shiny ?
been sorely missing your blog.... are you well, are you fine ?
Where are you ?

I feel like I am waiting for you to come back for life to begin from where you left it 14 months back.

Smita (From India)

Shiny said...

Smita, hello! And how lovely that I'm missed. Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you the link to my new blog... have gone public, but don't wish to connect to this (more private) blog x