Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bumping back to reality

Coming back from our idyllic mountain stay I landed back in the city with a series of heartbreaking bumps. We bought a newspaper on the road back and G read the devastating report of the tragedy in Norway. It worries me that, as a society, we seem to be breeding this kind of violence. My heart goes out to the families of those children and, mostly, to the children who were there, who must surely be gripped by a fear and horror that is hard to imagine.

Then the news of Amy Winehouse – not unexpected, but still sad. She was a talented and obviously conflicted woman. Hopefully she has now found her peace. If only the gossip press would leave it alone. All this talk of speculation about how she died? Honestly, we all know. Let her be now, just let it go.

The most devastating and the point at which my heart really boke, though, was when I logged in to Stalkbook, the bearer of all news, good or bad. A wonderful friend of mine from school was found dead in her apartment by her husband. Her daughter is three. She was 36-years old. A strange story really – they lived in South America, so far away from home and family, and apparently she said she was tired and went for a nap. A while later her husband went to check on her and she was dead.

It just all seems so wrong and out of sync but I suppose that’s the nature of death. It’s incomprehensible, despite the fact that it is a truth for everybody at some point. Things like this, though, make me sit up and pay attention because so often I forget to do so. Life is so incredibly fragile, every interaction with every creature may be the last you have. Because of this, I am reminding myself to be a little kinder, gentler. To be sure that the people I love, know that I love them.


Angela said...

Oh God yes, this happens. Death comes unexpected, and for no reason. Except the obvious one, that we all must die. But why NOW?
Yes, Shiny, go and tell your friends you love them. Reya says our friends can change our DNA, and this goes also vice versa. They will become Shinies, like you!

Shiny said...

Oh wow, change DNA? What a lovely thought xx

family Affairs said...

Oh how sad - sorry to hear that - just popped over to Miranda before you and she too is grieving for the unexpected death of a friend. Lxxx

Shiny said...

L - it was a wierd time, so many sadnesses... Glad to see you're back xx