Thursday, July 21, 2011

Away we go

The sun is shining in preparation for our weekend away. We’re all going – my mother and father, sister and the delicious now 2-year old nephews and G. Unfortunately N, my sister’s partner has to go to Ghana for work which is crap, so she’s not coming. We’re going off into the countryside, in the mountains where we’ll celebrate my father’s upcoming 70th and the babies 2nd birthdays last week.

It’s shining now, but the forecast is rain for much of the weekend. It doesn’t matter though, we’re going to a house up in the mountains where the air is fresh and there are donkeys. The baby boys have galoshes which they love to the point of wanting to wear them instead of slippers in the morning and after their bath, to bed.

The baby boys are bliss-inducing. They turned two last week, can you believe? It seems like yesterday that my sister was on the verge of popping. They’re intelligent, engaging, funny, highly verbal and interested in everything. Delicious. Such fun having them to stay all week. It’s been a whirl of animal noises, fish fingers, giggles and running around after The Siamese Princess who is, I fear, not as impressed as I.

And then, away we go tomorrow. Into those faraway hills. Yipeee!

Just to show you how big they are - a picture of them at the aquarium, above, which they loved.


Mud said...

Donkey noses anyone??

family affairs said...

How lovely. Very special times. Enjoy Lxxx

Miranda said...

Oh my, they ARE big! I assume Lara looks that big too, being only 10 days older but she doesn't seem it to me! Oh CUTE man. Enjoy. xx

Shiny said...

Mud - oh, and such lovely velvetty noses, all three.

L - yes, special indeed.

M - they are incredibly tall. Apparently, if you measure them at 2-years old and double it it tells you how tall they'll be, fully grown. If it's true, they're going to be 6 foot 6 or something!