Monday, June 13, 2011

The fug

I’m in a bit of a fug. Post-holiday blues, I’m sure. I don’t want to be getting up in the cold dark and plodding off to the same office each morning. I don’t want the minutiae of my life to take over my thoughts and fug me up. But they are. Minutiae are fugging me up.

In between, I had a lovely weekend with coffee with my old besties, then some admin to ward off too much guilt, a lovely welcome back visit to the market with a bowl of delicious chorizo goulash soup and a glass of bubbles, the perfect combination. Who would’ve thought? Then a rugby beer (again, who would’ve thought?) followed by a surprising birthday party.

It was surprising in that it was a party at which I knew a little of the people well, a couple of people a little bit, and the rest not at all. I’d been daunted by the thought of them, they’re the ‘cool crowd’. I now know how to get over that: place yourself at the bar. It also makes for a cheap night out, as everybody who buys a drink buys you one too. I knew about it on Sunday morning.

While propping up the bar though, I made some new, fun, interesting and, do remember, ‘cool’ friends. Maybe I’m in the In Crowd now? Nah, who’m I kidding? It turns out that some of them are, well, quite cool, and I often forget to put myself out there meeting new people, especially as winter spits her cold breath on us.

Despite the fun that was had, I am still fuggy. Very much so. I want to write fun, happy, stuff, especially that chronicalling our Spanish adventures before the memories start to get buried under those minutiae again. I just don’t seem to have the energy. I just feel sad.


Angela said...

I had to look the word fug up. I thought you had made it up, between foggy and you know, the other similar one. But it exists. Mief.
Yes, sometimes fug overcomes everyone, don`t let it make you feel sad. Whatever happened to your plans of moving to a small town? Of getting another job? When will you write your charming, witty book? I`d buy that on the spot, for 30 €! That won`t last you long, but if you know a way to get your drinks free, and tell your cool friends of your book and that you already sold one copy for a good price, then it will spread and you can achieve all your goals! Go for it, Shiny, yay!

Shiny said...

Ah Geli, I'd so love to be moving to the small town and writing the book... I wish I had as much faith in me as you do! x