Tuesday, May 3, 2011


That is Missing In (too much) Action. Some of it good, some of it boring-old-admin. I'm going to bullet point, because I need to be quick. Just some of the things that have kept me away, which each deserve a full story and not just a bullet-point:

  • A night on a farm in a house that had no books, but waking to only birds

  • Being offered rabbit stew on Easter weekend (oy vey)

  • Working my little, um, well, okay, ever-expanding butt off on Other Work, between doing the same on Real Work

  • Getting sorted for Spain! Off to the embassy now to organise G's visa

  • The Wedding - I wasn't all that into it, then I was. There's something about a story that mirrors the fairytales we read as children that gives it an air of magic. As long as you keep the sharp edge of real life out of it

  • Watching The Wedding at my mother with eight women, average age about 67, eating cucumber sandwiches and chocolate cake

  • An afternoon at the market meeting The Farmer and his helper, a young law student with a twinkle in his eye and a melting smile gave me hope for this country's future

And more, but I must rush, or I won't have time to brush my teeth before going to charm the Spaniards. Ole!

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Angela said...

Good to hear you are just busy. Send us a post from where you will be going. Have you got a good dictionary? Everyone loves to be addressed in their home tongue. "Qué lindo!" is all you need, really (How beautiful!)
Have fun in Spain!