Sunday, January 17, 2010

Holidays fly by

There is a bunch of St Joseph's lillies on the table next to me. My mother brought them over about a week ago, in the middle of my holidays. They were still buds then, and opened slowly, petal-by-petal, allowing their beautiful fragrance to waft through the house. They are over now, petals litter the table, leaving blood-red pollen-filled stamens staring nakedly down at the fronds that made up their skirts, slowly curling up in the heat.

I go back to Real Work tomorrow and I am not ready yet. I just don't wanna. I feel like one of those lillies, staring miserably down at my beautiful long Summer holiday days, a thing of the past now. I am trying very hard to force myself to revel in a new year at work, be excited, anticipatory. But I'm finding it a bit hard.

Let me stop being a miseryguts and be off into the sunshine to frolick for my last day of the holidays, shall I?


Rambler said...

hope real work wasn't too bad!


Shiny said...

Ugh. Yes. Um... well... xxx