Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grumpiness and gratefulness

You know how people talk about Glass-Half-Full people and Glass-Half-Empty people? I work with a The-Glass-Has-Been-Empty-For-Years-And-Is-Growing-Mould person. Like in, seriously, this guy is grumpy. He could find the bad side of a triple chocolate cake. It's like having a large black cloud walk into the office when he arrives each morning.

Don't get me wrong, he and I are very good friends and my intrinsically sunny disposition (thank god for it, if I may say so myself), normally manages to push the cloud away from my side, and back to his. I've given up (after 12 years) trying to make his go away. I tried and tried. And tried some more. But, alas, the task was too huge. We do get along though mainly. Like a house on fire really. I love that saying... like a house on fire.

The result is that, most of the time, I hum a happy tune in my head and make it louder than his grumpiness. Sometimes, though, it's hard to hum loud enough. I think I may be a bit PMS-ey too, and am going through one of those unsatisfied-with-my-job phases, so that may be adding to it. I do just, every now and again, want to hit him (possibly quite hard) and tell him to look around and realise how much he's got to be grateful for.

Good grief, listen to me (and my sunny disposition I was just bragging about) whinging like, well, a grumpy old man. I'll stop now, shall I?

I have a wonderful dinner to look forward to, with two old varsity friends, one of them being K, mother of my beautiful godchild, who is going back to Sydney on Thursday (sob!) And then home, to where my love will be. See, I have SO much to be grateful for, and that's just scratching the surface.

I am a lucky girl, aren't I?


Angela said...

Oh, but how I understand you! There really ARE such people, and the sunnier you get, or try to shake them and tell THEM to get, the worse they seem to become. My eggman, for example (the one whose fresh eggs I buy every week - something for him to be happy for, too!), he is nostalgic for the good old days (the GDR - ha!!). I tease him, I try to make him smile, he must admit that the world is NOT all that bad - but when I turn my back, he grumbles again. How sad for him to live with himself!
Don`t let anyone pull you down, Shiny!

Angela said...

`xcuse me, me again (that talkative woman from above). I just read your last post. Have you had any improvements? Did you see a neck doctor or therapist who could suggest you muscular training exercises? To me this sounds much like neck straining. Just a thought. Get better, dear.

Shiny said...

Angela - thank you for all that. I am MUCH better, and the headache has gone away, thank goodness x