Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twiddling my thumbs

I am still at Real Work. While the rest of the world is not, seemingly. Well, according to the fact that, give or take a car or two, we were the only ones driving to work this morning, and there is an eerie silence in the building. Unless everyone is playing an enormous game of Hide-and-Seek, to which I haven't been invited, there's nobody here.

Thus far, I have:
  1. Harvested my crops on Farmville and planted really quick growing crops in their place, so I can harvest again this afternoon. I know, I know, the whole Farmville thing is ridiculous and silly... blah blah. Humbug. I'm addicted. Possibly because I have the brain of an 11-year old boy.
  2. Written a couple of Christmas cards.
  3. Googled the origins of the phrase "Happy as Larry".
  4. Frittered about on Facebook, stalking people I haven't been in contact with for months/years.
  5. Googled what being a Godmother entails - I AM one - to the gorgeous cherub, Ava. After my Google search, though, am realising I am possibly not fit to be one, but I figure I'm going to be the best one anyway.
  6. Drunk two cups of coffee and two cups of hot water.
  7. Played Scrabble on Facebook.
  8. Googled recipes for melon-based starters for Christmas lunch.
  9. Got irritated with my bra strap which keeps creeping out of my t-shirts armhole and tickling my arm.
  10. Worked out, to the second, how long it is until I go on holiday tomorrow... for over THREE WEEKS!
  11. Sung my entire repertoire of Christmas songs. Twice.
Thank god for Google and Stalkbook, without whom I may have twiddled my thumbs right off my hands, and I can't imagine it's easy to be thumbless in the world we live in. I think I'll ponder that for a bit.

Is it obvious I'm (just a tad) bored?

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Miranda said...

ooh, I'm too scared to venture into farmville, I know I'll get hooked. xxx