Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A night at the theatre, another millenium, and a picture

Woohooo! I just looked at my little reader counter thingamy and it says 1999. What a cool number, my blog is heading for it’s Millenium Reader Birthday. I think it calls for champagne, and balloons, and a mirror ball with disco music in the garage. Oh, wait, that’s what we did for the actual millennium (OMG – it’s NINE years ago now… there is still an enormous silver 2000 spray-painted on my garage wall). Beside that, it seems unbelievable that 2000 people have passed by here. Well, ok, maybe more like 5 people have passed by here 20 times each and I’ve been on the other 1899 times. Regardless, after yesterdays’ rather uncharacteristically serious post, I think we should have champagne.

I went to the theatre (pronounced thee yater) last night to watch a fabulous one-man play about a German transvestite. It was brilliant. He was brilliant. I wanted to get on stage and hug him. I would’ve if I could. Probably not good theatre etiquette, so lucky I can’t.

But I don’t want to talk about the play really, I want to talk about the theatre. I love going to the theatre. Especially this one, which is one where you can stand out on the balcony under amazing orange lights in semi-circles in the ceiling that make you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie, and look over a lit up garden with a tree in it that, I swear, was painted by someone and put there. It is surreally beautiful.

I love the theatre too because it is so constant. The ‘theatre crowd’ never changes. Families with teenaged children (the subject matter did not lend itself to under-16s), older couples, some with that look of 40-year marriage comfort, others looking like they’re on a date (always makes me think they’ve been internet dating: “Likes walks in the park, eating out and theatre”), the scraggly students with skinny jeans… All drinking bad wine out of big wine glasses. And all wearing scarves. And all enunciating very well. And they smile at each other, really smile.

Remember, I’m a small town girl, so was not exposed much to theatre as a child, other than my own delusions of grandeur, so I love even just breathing in the air in theatres, it seems to hold all sorts of whispers and magic. So yes, I breathed in the air, flicked my scarf around my neck, sipped my white wine and enunciated to my friends: “Ah, what fun, to be at the thee yater!”

And, in celebration of the millennium, and because I’ve been meaning to do this for ages (especially for Allie), here is a little picture of my beautiful nephews.

Aren’t they the sweetest things? Champagne anyone?


Mud in the City said...

They are definitely worth champagne!

Anonymous said...


Kinda weird, I was at your millennium party too. What is the next ‘2000’ celebration, just to make sure I don’t miss it.

allie said...

Aaaaaw THANKS Shiny!
I'm honoured
And yes - they sure are the sweetest things.
I have spent today with DIL and her 2 year old and 2 month old so have that wonderful "I've been in child/baby world" feeling still about me.
Its innocence and smiles and burps and rocking warm bundles, beautiful.
So your baby pic arrived on just the day it should have!

This may be horribly encroaching, but if you would entrust me with your email address (via alliechilling) I would love to contact you
I'm aware you like to blend with the background, but I just thought I'd ask.

Miranda said...

Oh my god they are too cute for words!! Hurrah!

And as for the theatre, well, what's not to love?

Thanks for the pics

family affairs said...

Gorgeous and thanks for all your weather reports from CT - had a great time. They're going to be BIG people judging by the size of those hands Lx

Shiny said...

Mud - indeed!

Anon - ooo, which one are you? Middle-aged disco, next year, birthday time...

Allie - am getting there, but very slowly... still lurking a bit I fear!

Miranda - aren't they just too sweet? I'm about to pop in at yours to see how your little sweetie is doing

Family Affairs - my pleasure! Yip, they're bound to be tall. So glad you had a good time here.


Anonymous said...

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