Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday rainfall

The incessant heat was momentarily broken by delicious, fat drops of rain falling hotly on the tin roof of The House in the Middle of the Street as I woke, turning my tired sigh of an impending Monday morning into a pleasure-filled one. It rained, heavy and strong, for a short while, interspersing rain clouds with golden sunshine and rainbows to make leprechauns leap.

You could almost hear the plants yelling out in delight and the soil slurping greedily. Almost.


Robyn said...

the red dust needs to be settled here...but not wishing for it yet...not yet.

Angela said...

Even from 10 000 miles away (is it that much? I think yes) I can hear the plants yelling and slurping!

Shiny said...

Robyn - may it come, when it's the perfect time and not a moment before or after x

Geli - such fun!