Tuesday, January 31, 2012

500th Post: An announcement

Five hundred posts. 500. This is my 500th. It should be memorable then, shouldn’t it? I have chosen it, therefore, to announce the plans that I’ve been mulling over, talking about, polishing up. G and I are hoping to go and live in that heart-squelching place in the Karoo, the one that makes my entire being smile, for two months from October.

The seed was sown after our last visit in September. I’ve always loved it, and the city has been feeling crushing for a while now. The vast, open Karoo sky, blue in the day, scattered with a billion stars at night gets my creative juices flowing and, hopefully, will allow me to write. Well, that’s the plan. To write or just to be still for a bit, in a place without pollution and hooting cars and city-harangued people.

I have permission from work, we have a house provisionally booked, we’ve made lists and budgets and twirled ideas and dreams. The boxes are, slowly, being ticked. The next big one is for G to get permission from her work, to work remotely (oh, how delicious! Remotely! How it rolls off my tongue…) This is not as easy for her as me, she having been there less than a year, as opposed to my almost fifteen years at mine. Hold thumbs.

And so, there, with my 500th post, hopefully a long time dream will be turned into a big-skied-lungs-filled-with-air reality.


Angela said...

Congratulations to it all, the 500th post, the PLAN, the beginning of continuous writing, the joy and the prospect of starry skies and peace and quiet, oh, it will be wonderful!!!!

Robyn said...

oh wow-was a lovely thought-two months away from the norm

Mud said...

Oh yes, yes, yes! I do hope so. And to hear more from you too.

FamilyAffairs said...

WOW. 500 posts. Congratulations and how great to hear about your plans. Can you blog from there???? We will need to see many photos Lx

Shiny said...

Geli - Thank you Geli.

Robyn - I know! Hold thumbs it all works out.

Mud - Yes! Yes!

L - Yes.

All these yesses xxx