Thursday, December 15, 2011


I did it. I wrote 50 000 words in a month. I have to admit that they're not brilliant words, I have not written the next amazing South African novel, not by a far shot, but I wrote fifty thousand words in a row, to make a story. There will be no awards for this one, or any other I write after, but I did it. 50 000 words. In a row.

And now I'm exhausted, but I've missed being here. Mostly I miss Candy Sandwich's amazing adventures; I missed Livvy coming back, beautifully; Kitty admitting the painful truth, heart-breakingling (Precious Things, that's it for you, Kitty); Miranda, Tamara, Geli, I wait; Family Affairs, I long for you to be able to write freely again; and so, so, much more. I have words bubbling up again, though.

I'm back, as much as I can be. I'm waking up. A new year is beckoning, there will be things going on.

In the meantime I watched some Cape Town schmodels mingle with two Catholic priests, like something out of a ridiculously fabulous Tim Burton story. I'm back, I hope. I have a new soundtrack. It makes the words line up, a good soundtrack.


Angela said...

Yoohoo for having you back, Shiny! I am waiting for your new stories! Yes, we missed you. I have even sent you a Christmas card to remind you of your scattered friends! Now I can lean back and wait for your upcoming tales (those priests, how did they end up?). Have a Happy New Year, and of course a lovely Christmas before! Viele Grüße von Geli

Kristin said...

Congratulations! On a selfish note, I'm glad to have you back and writing them for general consumption, but you should be so very proud of those 50,000 words. Great job!