Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

And then, suddenly, it was the night before Christmas, with no warning whatsoever, the year barrels to an end. I had such good intentions of reading, and writing, and getting back into my blog and then work got busy and then I got a blood clot in my leg and the doctor packed me off to be still in bed so it didn't pop off and rush into my head or heart, making me feel like a ticking time bomb, while people stuck needles in me and I swallow ludicrously pink pills to thin my blood. Wierd.

So, I have spent the past week in bed, gorging on Downton Abbey, to which I am now completely addicted; reflecting on the year that has flown by; feeling overwhelmed with nostalgia of years before. House arrest is an interesting phenomenon, my thoughts flit, like birds from tree to tree, with wild winds fluffing their tail feathers.

December has been filled with things that should be blogged about, that should've been blogged about immediately, while my heart was exposed, my nerves raw, but I guess that's how it works, the stories are still forming, incubating, and in the meantime, I'm going to catch up on everybody else's stories, and then watch the last two episodes of Downton Abbey, which I'm trying to devour more slowly, to make them last.

Happy Christmas, all.


Mud said...

Goodness. SO glad you're on the mend - and able to enjoy Christmas - not to mention Downton Abbey which is utter bliss!

Lots and lots of festive love,


Angela said...

Here, they have just found a 60 ton time bomb in the Rhine River (water level was unusually low). It has been lying there since an English or American bomber had dropped it 67 years ago, and it had miraculously NOT exploded. Now everybody`s hair was standing on edge, and 40 000 people in Koblenz had to leave their homes, while brave men bent over it and carefully tried to remove the rusted wotsitcalled. And it went well!!!
So that is the picture I saw when you talked of your own time bomb! It will all disappear happily, too!

And your stories are simmering in you (not for 67 years, I hope)until they pop out and will spread joy and awe!!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, don`t they all have a soul?!!
Merry belated Christmas!

familyAffairs said...

Happy New Year to you my lovely - sorry to hear about the blood clot - pesky little things those. But at least I am sure there is much going on in that little head of yours whilst you have to lie about. Looking forward to reading it at some point in the future LX

Shiny said...

Mud - oh, yes, Downton Abbey... watched both seasons, loved it! Come on, season 3... x

Geli - good grief, how scary x

FA - I hope the stories will come out... have lost my writing energy a bit! x